Storytelling for Startups

A free digital communications crash course for entrepreneurs, founders and marketers who have a problem to solve and a product to sell.

People don’t just buy products. They seek real, tangible results.

Storytelling is about communicating your understanding of a problem that you know a customer or audience faces, and how you’re best positioned to help solve that challenge.This short course will introduce you to problem-solving, insight discovery and radical simplicity, and how to shift the beliefs and mindset of your audience in your direction.

What's inside?

3 videos, exercises & downloads covering:

  • Discovering your key insight

  • Creating your story structure

  • How to work with complexity & simplicity

  • Balancing detail, data & context

  • Adopting a problem solving mindset

  • Clarifying the opportunity

  • Actionable tactics for getting your story in front of your key audiences

Problem solving and insights are about understanding where you’ve gone wrong. Storytelling is about learning how to set it right.

Michael Grieger
Authority Software

'As a business, we've always found it difficult to articulate the functionality and benefits in a way to appeal to non-technical audiences. We were extremely happy with the results as Alex achieved what we always had struggled to do."'

Shawkat Ali
Thames Catalyst

'Alex is a great digital storyteller. He has the precious ability to distill down complex ideas into easy-to-understand stories for modern digital formats. Alex is creative, friendly and always a dependable professional you can rely on.'

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